It: Chapter Two

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There is one modern author who knows how to make us shiver from fear. Yes, this is Stephen King, a writer who really knows a lot about the mechanisms of psychics and the structure of fright. His novels are extremely popular because, you know, these are this type of horror stories that won’t let you to have a sleep at night. After reading his story about a maniac-clown, most of us were going to bed without switching the light of. And yes – don’t stretch your legs, make them stay under the blanket. Who knows, what can happen…

The success of the first It game is clear – it is based on the famous horror-story written by the most popular writer of our times. The second part is a continuation of the story. The clown is terrorizing the city again, he kidnaps young children, and take them away. After he does so, the boys and girls are found breathless somewhere on the city’s edge. Well, we bet that this is the last thing you would like to experience in your life – becoming a victim of a hellish clown who loves killing children and does it with an extreme degree of cruelty, judging from the state of the bodies that are found afterwards. Well, in the game you will do everything to avoid such a destiny. Run away from a clown, complete missions and do your best to stay alive in this crazy chase. The game is already available for free playing and you are welcome to start the horrible adventure right now. Launch it and have fun! Don’t get too frightened, if you can!