Sometimes it’s so exciting to go back in time and find out what the earth used to look like thousands of years ago! These amazing games give you an opportunity to do that following the story of the first people to ever populate the world – Adam and Eve. Because the world is so huge and there is nobody expect them living on the whole planet, it’s so easy for them to lose each other. According to the plot of the games, Adam constantly finds himself apart from his beloved and must find his way back to her. Will you help him?

Trouble in paradise

Every game from the Adam and Eve series starts the same way – Adam wakes up in a strange place and figures out that Eve is not here. He doesn’t remember how he got here and there is only one thing he can do now – set out to look for his wife. The games consist of many colorful levels packed with all kinds of dangers and obstacles that the main hero has to overcome to reunite with Eve. At first, they will be quite easy to handle. But, like in any other game, with your progression the trials and challenges will also get trickier. And while it was enough to just hop over a huge tree root protruding from the ground or cross the river stepping on the boulders sticking out of the water at first, you will have to put more and more thought into handling the obstructions with every new level you pass. And the traps will also become more dangerous, so the price of your mistakes will gradually grow higher. But you shouldn’t be discouraged! Keep in mind the reward waiting for you in the end – the loving embrace of your Eve!

Get to your Eve through all the dangers!

On his way, Adam will travel through a whole lot of locations, different terrains and landscapes. Since the plot of the game unfolds in the prehistoric era, don’t be surprised to see a good deal of wild nature, huge palmas and even dinosaurs. As you continue your journey, you’ll have to figure out how to climb high mountains and swim in deep lakes, avoid boiling lava and the sharp tooth of primeval predators. You will fight mammoths and pterodactyls, run away from erupting volcanos and get exposed to other unspeakable dangers. The main thing is not to lose focus and presence of spirit and act precisely and decisively in any situation!

The controls are very simple and intuitive, they will be easy to master even by small kids. That makes Adam and Eve games perfect for the entire family. They are colorful and fun, contain no scenes of violence and blood and send the right message – that you should always stick with those you love. Overcoming obstacles and coping with difficulties together with Adam, you will improve your reaction and reflexes, learn to think quicker and even boost your logic. Dive into the vibrant prehistoric world, assist Adam in his searches of the lost love, make sure he gets through all the troubles and hardships safely and falls into the arms of his Eve again!