The new wear is already here and everyone would like to enter it with a whole armful of new, exciting online games! It’s not at all difficult, because the gaming industry keeps evolving on a daily basis. Fresh additions hit the web with a stunning regularity and we keep a close eye on anything that appears on offer. This section contains the newest, hottest games released in 2020. Why waste your leisure on activities that you already know far and wide? It’s better to devote your free time to something that you haven’t yet tried. Well, are you ready to experience incredible emotions and set off on a riveting adventure without knowing what lies ahead? Then launch one of our wonderful 2020 games right now!

Hot action and amazing discoveries!

The choice of games in the new year is simply incredible. There are all virtual entertainments for any taste, from dynamic arcades, exciting battles and fascinating walking games to calm-paced strategies, puzzles and various simulators. If you can’t wait to experience intense emotions, welcome to action-packed battles, arena fights and dizzying races. Choose a character, equip them with the latest weapons and go out to complete dangerous missions. Learn martial arts competing against experienced fighters, or even take part in robot combats in the distant future. On the variety of winding racing tracks you will find complex obstacles and incredible opportunities of a wide car choice with realistic physics. Graphics capabilities are constantly growing, allowing you to enjoy games with increasingly breathtaking graphics and special effects. You can completely immerse yourself in the process and everything will happen as in real life!

Thrilling arcades, realistic simulators and colorful puzzles!

If the details are not important to you and you just want to have fun, you can choose one of the many arcades or games like three in a row available in this section. Here you don’t need to memorize complex control schemes, the gameplay is extremely simple and at the same time saturated. You won’t be bored – just press the buttons in time. You will need good reflexes to complete all levels, as well as a little logical thinking, because you have to pick the shortest and safest path to the goal. By the way, if you like to rake your brains, there is also something for you on our website. The latest selection of puzzles will make your mind work at its maximum, solving problems that require quick wit and ingenuity. These also include all types of strategies and simulators. Indeed, in order to build a settlement in the wild forest and turn it into a prosperous city, you need to properly calculate the resources, find a job for all the townspeople, so that no one hangs around without work, and analyze possible difficulties. In simulators, ability to think your actions through is also essential, because without a competent distribution of cash flows and the use of effective approaches, it is impossible to build a successful business. Discover all the diversity and excitement of our 2020 games and enjoy your online time!