In peacetime, men have no room for great deeds. Their hands itch to hold an automatic machine gun, or at least a pair of pistols. Even from this situation, there is a way out and those who are especially decisive acquire pneumatic weapons from which they shoot at targets. Those who prefer more intense action go to specially equipped platforms for laserball, paintball, airsoft. But besides this, there are also shooter games where the events unfold right there at your place and you don’t have to go anywhere to enjoy some nice shooting!

<strong>Load your guns and set off!</strong>

There are dozens of amazing shooters on our site. They are in stock for adults and kids alike. Plausible simulators open up many opportunities for the player and as you progress through the missions, different settings, functions and upgrades become available. With time, early third-person shooters have been replaced by modern ones, allowing you to see what is happening at eye level. The graphics have become voluminous, and the plots are now more diverse. You can choose all kinds of stories, the main theme of which is still shooting. And you can shoot from any weapon to your liking. Enemies are also represented in a variety. There are militaries and civilians, zombies, mutants and vampires. You just have to pick what’s interesting for you.

<strong>Piles of weapons and scenarios to any taste</strong>

The brightest and coolest online shooting games with different scenarios are waiting for you in this section, along with a bunch of various weapons. Guns, assault rifles, bazookas, crossbows, rifles and grenades, pistols and machine guns, as well as a fantastic combat arsenal are already loaded and ready for action! You can play the roles of famous comic book heroes, armed soldiers and nonchalant criminals. You are up for fierce firefights with other players, as well as exciting combat missions to rescue hostages, tasks for secret agents and more. You can play the role of a sniper, base defender, secret killer or the last survivor. Fight against the walking dead to stop the end of the world. Play as a spy who has to get to the secret base. Battle on the side of special forces against a whole group of terrorists.

A shootout can start simply on the city street where mafia clans are sorting out their relationships. Lawless gangs never leave the police without work, any occasion serves as a signal for them to open fire. Shooting games also offer robotic wars that have gone out of control. These pieces of iron don’t know mercy, because they are completely devoid of emotions. It won’t work out with them and it remains only to shoot in order to break through the protective carapace and disable the electronic mechanism. Every time there will be hot fights for you to go through and you won’t be able to do it without weapons and ammunition – and the skill to use all that neatly. Want to learn how to shoot well and accurately? Then you should start playing online shooters and the faster the better!