The three-dimensional titles are very modern and bring the best examples of graphics, textures, and detail. They allow your character move all over, not just on a plain surface like most 2D games. Here you can usually go at any place of the map, discovering the large and diverse world. You can see the objects as well as your hero from all sides and zoom the camera to see the small details closer. As for the genres that usually use 3D environment, well, the variety here reaches the infinity. You can find any game type in a 3D style, from fighting and shooting ones to strategies and even puzzles. The main feature of the dimensional graphics is that these titles provide realistic gameplay and great variety of options. This means that you literally have a chance to live as your character and find yourself in another world. Not just playing for him, but getting an authentic experience, near to the real-life one. We have uploaded a wide range of cool titles here and they go across all imaginable genres, so whether you are horror fan or just want to pet a unicorn – there is s title for you in this section.

Boys will adore racing 3D games – they allow you to own an incredible sport vehicle, which you can customize and tune to your liking. Of course, you can see it from all sides and see the smallest detail. After that, you are welcome to test your speedy monster on the wheels – the beautifully drawn city landscapes are waiting for you. This is going to be really epic, if you like riding. What if you don’t? Well, no problem. Try puzzle games then. Yes, don’t be surprised – simple and flat puzzles can be done on the 3D style, which brings a new life to them! For example, you can control a ball and roll across the levels, omitting obstacles, gathering items, and reaching the aims. If you are not a fan of both genres, well, no worries – we have more. For instance, shooters. Do you want to punish the terrorists, who ruin the calm life of the city dwellers in Counter Strike? Or maybe you would like to feel yourself like a sniper? Or an assassin? No problem. By the way, aliens, monsters, and zombies are misbehaving as well, so you can become a filth hunter and free the world from evil. Also, you can move to horrors like Doom that are really great when made in 3D. Why? Because they are ten times scarier and more realistic! Get the sense of presence, when you meet a monster on your way! Some horror games are all about surviving, so you won’t have a chance to start a fight and defeat an enemy – just run away and hide until that creep leaves. However, the others allow you to have some fun shooting of a couple of ugly heads! This is going to be really great. Fighting titles are also available in the 3D style. Do you remember Mortal Combat? Of course you do. Behold, the latest parts of this franchise are dimensional! So check the section and find a game you really adore.