Arcades are so diverse! These are classical titles, where you can do anything. From PacMan to a shooter, arcade genre is extremely variable and has so much to offer. This genre emerged long time ago, in the distant years of 80s. Of course, there were no computers at that time, however, there were gaming machines, the ones that could be found on the amusement parks. People simply put coins in the machines and launch the game. As such, the modern arcades stay pretty similar to the ones you can find in an entertainment machine. Usually, they are very simple. The actions and the controls must be intuitive and clear from the first sight, because people behind the machines don’t really have a chance to try everything out and train, then restart a game. They have a limited session, this is why everything should (and still is) to be clear. The physics here are primitive as well. As a rule, the character moves forward, jumps, shoots, and sometimes – sits. The games can feature plots and even dialogues among the characters, but of the titles of this genre focus rather on the gameplay. The process usually becomes harder and harder with every next level you master. In some adventurous arcades, the heroes can gather weapons, health kits, and special bonus items.

With time, the machines became less popular, because people got access to the personal devices, where they could play. GameBoys and small consoles, then larger home consoles like Sega that even allowed two players to participate in the game at the same time. And then the computers appeared, but the arcades stayed with us. Some of them are done in the retro style, which coincides with the history of the genre and gives a special feeling of nostalgia to players. While we still have a plenty of them launched, the golden era of arcades has already passed about 50 years ago. At that time, the genre was popular across the globe. In 70s, both Europe and Asia were obsessed with arcades and game developers produced a great deal of masterpieces, experimenting with the gameplay, physics, and plots. Later, the popularity naturally decreased. The home consoles provided more detailed 2D artwork and with time, 3D titles appeared.

At this resource, you will find all classical as well as brand new arcades uploaded for your entertainment. Such hits as Space Invades, Street Fighter, and PacMan cannot leave anyone, who was born in 90s, indifferent. If you like fighting titles, then you will find a plenty of them right here. You will have to fight with your enemies face to face until you finally meet the last boss and complete your honorable mission. Also, don’t forget that a Princess is waiting for you, locked in a castle all alone, but being just a regular plumber, you can save her. There are also survival titles here, where you will have to do everything to make your character stay alive: gathering sources, fighting with enemies, and hiding in a shelter, when the situation becomes too bad. Jump in!