One head is good, two are even better, and three are simply unbeatable. If you want to have a great time with your buddies, playing as one cohesive team or against each other to the bitter end, just choose an online game for three on our site that matches your mood! Want to play the role of gladiators in spectacular fights in the arena? Or search together for a way out of dangerous labyrinths stuffed with traps? Or maybe you want to take part in a high-speed race on sports cars? Fans of shooters, fighters, strategies and many other game genres will find something to their liking. There is nothing better than a healthy competitive spirit and the opportunity to learn from each other!

Team up or compete

On our site you will find a huge selection of exciting, diverse and very interesting games to play with your friends. If you like to spend time together at the computer, then you’ve come to the right place. Platformers, arcades intellectual games will involve you in the wonderful world of unforgettable adventures. Here are a few of them you might like.

Games for three on the tanks are highly popular among internet users. You can play both on your own and with several other people. Your task is to maneuver between the obstacles, fight the opponents firing them with shells and dodging from their shots.

Another vastly played category of games for three is called in the maze. They improve your memory and ability to solve logical chains that lead you to the exit of the maze. Starting from the most simple rooms, you will learn how to get out of the most impassable ones. There are rooms in which you will meet opponents and will have to fight them to move on. Play and train at the same time.

Plenty of things to do

It’s time to learn something new! Stop playing alone against your computer! It’s much better to share fun with a friendly company playing our online games for three. Weave mafia schemes, compete in a race or show what you are capable of in hand-to-hand combat. It’s not necessary to wear boxing gloves, because you can grab a pillow and arrange a sleepover fight in the role of a Disney character. Still not enough? Then use cakes and toys, vegetables and fruits, claws and teeth! The genres of our games for three are very diverse and you are sure to make a choice that will fit all members of your team. Play with friends and family and enjoy online entertainments without forgetting about the real world!