Fall Guys is an exciting game where players in funny costumes overcome obstacle courses (very similar to some TV shows). In this race for the main prize, up to 60 people start at once. The race consists of four rounds and the fifth round is the final. In the first round, as a rule, about 12 players are eliminated. Less than 10 people reach the final. Can you end up among them? Let’s play and find out!

Run, jump, win and have fun!

The heroes of Fall Guys are yellow little men that look more like beans than humans. They don’t differ between each other in anything other than their appearance that can be customized by the player. Once you launch the game, you get into the lobby where you can create a new match or join the one already created by other people. All the characters are controlled by real players, there are no bots which makes the game even more unpredictable and fascinating.

The rounds are all different. In the races you need to get to the finish line, overcoming obstacles. There are also so called “logic” rounds where your task is remember the necessary card and have time to get to it so as not to fall into the slime. There are team rounds resembling the good old game of football – the task is to score as many goals as possible into the goalpost of the other team. Finally, some rounds can be rather unique like “Grab your tails!”. Here a small number of players have tails that need to be taken away from the opponent and try not to lose him. At the end of the time, the team with the fewest tails is eliminated from the competition.

Simple and exciting!

The biggest plus of Fall Guys is its simple and straightforward purpose, graphics and gameplay. After all, after some AAA games, sometimes you just want to relax and turn off your mind, and play something unpretentious. The game itself, by its principle, resembles the battle royale mode, but a little differently. From the first minutes of the game, it becomes difficult, because you understand that under the guise of a cute 3D platformer, if you can call it that, there is a rather challenging gameplay in which there are fierce races, elimination, and after several unsuccessful attempts, when you still have time run to the finish line, you realize that this is the best indie game ever.

Plus it has some purely aesthetic features. For instance, some sort of a wardrobe where you can choose a costume for your character, color and pattern. There is also a store where you can buy new accessories, including funny animation for crowns or laurels. Fall Guys is a very funny game, and the variety of rooms will not let you get bored. You can invite your friends to join a particular match or compete with total strangers. The rules are simple to understand and the controls are very convenient both on handheld devices and PCs. This game will appeal to both children and adults, so why don’t you start right now?