Do you appreciate minimalism and want to control your favorite characters with maximum ease? Then you should definitely try one of our amazing clickers! Some of them won’t take you more than five minutes, but there are also those that contain a storyline and require you to spend some more time playing. It’s up to your to decide what you want to do today! There are clickers where you need to cook food and run business, those that will send you on a wild platforming adventure and some will even task you with saving the world. In any case, all you need to do to succeed is just click your mouse fast!

Simple and fun!

The most attractive feature of clickers is the simplicity of controls. But even so not all of them can be called primitive. You won’t have to do a lot of things simultaneously here, but your speed of reaction is important. The faster you can click or tap the better your result will be. These games are universal and will suit all categories of gamers, be it an action-longing teen or a strategy-loving adult. You can either spend a whole evening playing clickers or take a short break in the middle of the workday – it doesn’t matter. Positive emotions are guaranteed anyway!

Clickers come in a wide variety of genres and options. Here you can build and destroy, clash with your enemies in an open fight or set up fortifications, found settlements and cities and find another peaceful pursuit to indulge in. The design also varies – in some games, all of the objects are already on the screen, they can move around, but the picture will always be the same. In other clickers, the hero moves through various locations getting from one place to another. What to choose depends on the preferences of each player.

All so different!

Playing clickers, you can have plenty of fun and get fully absorbed in the process. You can try on the role of a chef or designer, genius architect or stylist. You can furnish houses, do spring cleaning, help other people or travel all over the world visiting exotic places. Just one click of the mouse is enough to perform the necessary operations. The menu is conveniently broken into understandable icons or you can do different actions simply by clicking on the objects on the screen. This is perfect for little kids who can’t get the hang of complicated controls yet.

Many clickers include the element of upgrading the main character. Thanks to your efforts, your hero will become stronger, faster and more agile. You will gain various skills and abilities that will help you reach your goal more effectively. And yes, reaching goals is also the point of many clickers. The heroes often have their own ambitions. Somebody wants to open a restaurant or run their own business, others dream of taking part in a talent show or becoming a football star. And you will help them fulfill these dreams. Hurry up to discover the fabulous world of clickers, there is a lot of interesting waiting for you here!