What makes a maniac really scary? Well, he is already a manic, if there is something worse? Yes. Imagine a bizarre math teacher, who is ready to screw the student up just because he cannot solve a math task. And here is more – imagine him giving you the problems that don’t actually have a solution, so even if you are a real genius, you won’t avoid punishment. Sounds creepy, right? We bet that you already know the name of that crazy guy with a ruler, running after you through the corridors of your school. Meet Baldi and his incredibly weird perception of the way education should be. Want to play game with him? Well, you said it yourself! This part is called Baldi in Education and Learning and it is more extensive than the previous ones, so you will have more adventures in this strange school of Baldi. This part was launched as a special one – it is made for anniversary of the title. Here you will find three options: excursion, story, and infinite chase.

In the story mode, you will meet your teacher and get acquainted with him. He will propose you to complete a task and your aim will be to gather a certain amount of notebooks where the mathematical problems are displayed. When you find one, Baldi will give you a prize. However, the second notebook will include a task that doesn’t have a solution and you will realize it very soon. Baldi will get furious. The wrong answers make him mad no matter if the task is manageable or not. The more wrong answers you provide, the angrier your teacher will become. So you will have to run away from him as fast as you can. The endless chase is almost the same as the previous mode, but your main aim here is to get as much items as you can before Baldi reaches you. Here the answers don’t make any sense, Baldi will chase you anyway. The further you move, the faster he runs. In the excursion mode, you will go camping with your math teacher. You will gather wooden sticks to make the fireplace burn as long as possible. If the fire fades away, Baldi will become mad at you.

No matter what playing option you choose, you will have to perform tasks and gather things to prevent Baldi’s anger. However, in most cases he will get angry anyway. When this happens, everything you can do is just running away from him. Once he gets you, the game overs and you die. While it is birthday version, there are decorations on the walls, so you can get that strange feeling of fear and fun at the same time. What is more, there are some secret places here and you can discover them to get to an alternative ending. Just check the corridors attentively.