When it comes to choosing a game to play, boys and girls tend to differ. With that in mind, we collected the best and most action-packed games specifically for the male audience. Here you will find a wide selection of fighters, shooters, war simulators, racing games, adventures and platformers. You will be able to discover a great variety of virtual worlds, from Medieval fantasy lands to modern battlegrounds, that are open for exploring and conquering. Realistic graphics, dynamic gameplay and ability to compete with thousands players in real time will undoubtedly keep you absorbed for a long time!

In the epicenter of warfare

Do you enjoy a heated battle, with bullets flying past your ears and grenades exploding around you? Then you’ll definitely appreciate MMORPG war simulators and shooters! Plunge into a tense combat as a special troops soldier or a reckless tank driver. The vast assortment of weapons, ammo and war transport, from motorcycles to helicopters, will give you immense tactical opportunities. Sweep through the battle ground crashing your enemies and ensure the victory of your side. You can go on a solo mission, choose to lead a whole division or join other players and show excellent teamwork. Improve your rank, get valuable rewards and gain access to new, amazing types of weapons!

Build and defend your empire

If you prefer a more strategic approach, you will probably like one of the many tower defense games. Set up your own castle or city, evolve it from a couple of buildings into a thriving kingdom, recruit soldiers and survive the attacks of your enemies or wild-roaming monsters. Secure nearby resources, upgrade your economy, improve your arsenal to up your chances of success. Expand your realm by attacking the villages of your rivals and unlock new, even more powerful units, from skillful swordsmen to spell-casting mages and fire-breathing dragons. Your enemies will shake with fear!

Survive in a horror

Another popular genre of boy games is horror. Fight against hordes of zombies in a postapocalyptic world, try to survive out in the wilderness without any supplies or get out of a house where you’re kept by a murderous maniac. Intriguing story, suspenseful atmosphere and creepy effects will be a trial for your nervous system! Many horrors contain an element of investigation requiring you to solve some kind of a mystery, so prepare to rake your brain and unravel a few puzzles!

Make your debut in big sport

Surely, every man loves sports. Whether you are a football fan or racing addict, you’ll find plenty of things to do on our site. Set up your own virtual football team with world-class stars, participate in NBA matches or tear down a winding racing track in a supertech bolide. Increase your position on the leaderboards winning amazing prizes and improve your skills to score even more impressive victories!