Avakin Life is a full-fledged life simulator where you can create a character and live just like in the real world. The game has perfect gameplay and 3D graphics, you’ll be thrilled with the variety of opportunities, including picking your wardrobe, furnishing your house and making friends. So are you ready to plunge into this vibrant world?

Create a character and furnish your home!

Like every simulator, Avakin Life starts with choosing a character. You can either select an already existing one or create a hero yourself. Some free outfits and hairstyles can be selected at once, others have to be bought for in game currency. There are daily free rewards in the form of coins throughout the month. Gems (10 pieces) are given every day in your apartment and can be exchanged for clothes, pets, apartments, food, cocktails, furniture, emotions, movements, etc. There is a wide selection of those and the game is often updated with new elements of the environment, furniture and animation (movement). So you’ll hardly fall short of content and there will always be something new to choose from.

You can also earn coins by getting one of the many jobs available in the game. For instance, you can become a bartender in a night club or choose any other available occupation to your liking. A great thing is that you can always come back to your cozy home that can be decorated according to your own taste. You can even invite your friends over for a visit and get a pet. If your friends are already in the game, you will easily find them. But if not, you can always meet new ones in the process. For this, you just have to be socially active and visit various locations with unique activities.

Explore the city, enjoy your leisure and make friends!

There are 24 of them in Avakin Life. If you love nature, you can go to the park or have some sun at the beach. In the shopping mall, you can always find fresh supplies. Those enjoying a splendid meal can go to the restaurant, it’s a popular hangout for romantic dates and business meetings. If you are a night owl, you will definitely be thrilled to visit the above mentioned night club. And if you want to learn something new, go to the dance studio and become a good dancer! You can also see if your added friends are at any of these locations and join them. Besides, you can visit their houses if they are at home.

The greatest thing about Avakin Life is its realism. For instance, the characters have their own movements and emotions which make them look just like real people. You can tell when they are sad or angry, when they are happy and so on. They also interact with objects – sit on chairs and sofas, pick things up, eat their breakfast, hug and kiss each other. All this makes the game incredibly exciting and everything happening on the screen seems believable. If you want to discover these great impressions, join Avakin Life right now online!