The games that are included in Call of Duty series are all about war. The first parts were telling the story of the Second World War, but the next parts of the franchise were focused on other events. These were the conditions of Cold War, highly-technological wars in the distant future, and even battles in the cosmic environment. There were also numerous additional missions and spin-off parts created. While the first versions brought you to the battle field that was a historic event, the next ones are more fictional. Numerous sub-series that were born due to the fictional parts of Call of Duty are also present and worth of your attention. The first and second part are about World War II and they are first-person shooting games. The second one is a next chapter of the story that took place in the first part. You are going to play for a soldier of one of the armies. There are three of them: Red, US, and British. You will fight for your life as a soldier and do your best to serve the country you are defending. These titles have both mobile and desktop versions. The third part is a shooter as well. This time, you are going to take part in the French revolution and follow one of four armies (US, UK, Canadian, or Polish).

The next parts will also place you on the frontline of the battle. Whether you are going to find yourself on the Wester front during the Overlord Operation or on the line of fire, when the World War comes to our modern times, you will always play for a soldier, who does his best to survive the nightmare he was thrown into. There are also remastered and improved versions of the title, where old mistakes were fixed and new features were added. Whatever part of the series you choose, we bet that you will feel yourself as a real Hemingway’s character – a young soldier with high aspirations and deep questions about life, death and duty. However, the game actions are not the book, so you won’t have too much time to think about higher ideas, because your primary aim will be to stay alive and to defeat your enemies. The rules are simple, when you are on the war. The world becomes very clear and primitive, so you know what to do at any situation. Shoot or get shot. Support your comrades. Save your patrons. So are you ready to start an incredible and epic battle to check how historical events of the past could look like? Or maybe you will choose the part of Call of Duty where you will see an alternative, still accurate version of them? Try each and every and find out what you like the most. We have an extensive collection of Call of Duty titles uploaded on this page, so you can enjoy them all free of charge.