When insoluble problems pile on and you want to relieve stress by any available means, fighting games come to the rescue! Here can brandish your fists with impunity and throw out the accumulated negative energy. Feel strong, agile and invincible, and plunge numerous opponents into shock and awe! This category of games enjoys increased success among gamers of all ages. It is not overloaded with logical inferences, doesn’t require solving ingenious riddles, doesn’t force us to think over the economic strategy of the company or choose the best option from all the suitable ones. You simply launch the game you like, choose a battle style, fighter and opponent, and completely surrender to the gameplay!

Become a fighting pro!

This section features a complete set of fighting gamest to any taste. Gripping combats in the arena or right in the streets, fearless warriors ready to do anything to win the next battle, splashes of blood flying in all directions – that’s what real fights are! Feel like a true strongman, feel the taste of victory – you don’t need to work out in the gym until your face turns blue bulging up muscles and practicing techniques. It is enough to start an online fight and you are already there, in the ring, where only strength, ingenuity and great endurance can help. At the same time, you don’t need to risk your own health, and in case of injury, you won’t have to go to the hospital or walk around with split lips and black eyes. It’s totally safe, but incredibly fascinating! Isn’t that just what we need to snap out of our daily routine?

Win, improve your skills and get your adrenaline!

Fighting games may seem all about violence and competition, but it’s not entirely true. Here, you can improve skills that will certainly come in handy in real life as well. Among them are agility, quick reaction and resourcefulness. Your opponents will be no only ordinary street fighters, but also ancient Roman gladiators, Japanese anime warriors, medieval knights and ultra-modern robots. To win in a fight, you have to keep in mind all the moves and attacks you have in your arsenal, keep an eye on your health, stamina and combo meters and consider a good deal of other aspects that have to be taken into account if you want to win as quickly as possible, with minimal losses.

In some games, there is also a progressive upgrade system that allows you to learn new skills as you win and gain experience points. Every victory of yours increases your rating giving you access to even stronger enemies and more prestigious, challenging tournaments. You can fight against the AI, arrange a boxing match with your friend or try your hand against other players. The possibilities of fighting games are immense! You can see that for yourself playing them online on our site. Immerse yourself in a cruel and bloody world of epic confrontations and prove to everyone that you are capable of dealing with any enemy!