Have a nostalgic trip to your childhood with amazing series of Bendy and the Ink Machine! This is a stylish and incredibly adorable title that has already conquered thousands of hearts and will sure capture yours as well. One of the most incredible features Bendy can boast of is amazing graphics that will remind you of old-school cartoons, namely Disney’s first cartoons about Mickey. However, it doesn’t actually have anything in common with Disney’s universe. Bendy is categorized as survival horror game, but you won’t actually see anything seriously frightening here. Instead, you will surely find the game mysterious and a bit strange, but incredibly pleasing from all sides. The story behind Bendy’s adventures is pretty dark and takes you to a room of an animator, who has left it one day. Now his creation is coming into life and you are to witness this incredible event. The machine that uses ink for drawing has turned to a monstrous creature and the cartoonish heroes have escaped the sheets of paper, so now they are alive.

Bendy’s developers did a nice mix of different genres, combining horror elements and cartoonish design, which make the game incredibly atmospheric. Well, if you take a look at the old cartoons Bendy is referring to, you will certainly agree that they are somehow terrifying. All those graphics, dark eyes, and convulsive movements of the characters has something infernal in them. Bendy’s developers use and exaggerate this feature, so you are going to immerse yourself in a chilly and mystical adventure. Due to this similarity, you will certainly find Bendy and other characters familiar and even dear to your heart even before you start playing. You will have to run away from the monsters and solve various puzzles in every part of the series, each unique and very addictive. We bet that the process will swallow you entirely and you won’t stop on playing just one of the parts of these amazing series. Gladly, we have uploaded a great amount of them, so you can enjoy Bendy’s adventures as much as you want! All the parts of the franchise uploaded on this page are absolutely free to play. The mixture of nostalgia, occultism, scientific experiments, and incredibly stylish art is waiting for you! An inky demon Bendy will stalk you on your way. And watch out, other cartoonish monsters are already rising from their inky places and they will try to catch you at all costs, so run away as fast as you can!