Among Us is a gripping murder story where you can simultaneously try on the role of a detective trying to figure out who the killer is and their next possible victim. Or you can become the killer and then you will have to stay out of suspicion long enough to eliminate your crew mates. The whole bunch of players are flying on a spaceship, so there is nowhere to run. The only way to survive is to find the murderer and throw them overboard! But are the astronauts shrewd enough to do it?

Stranded in space with a killer on board!

Each game starts when there are enough players gathered in the match. The number can be set by the game host and ranges up to 10. If there is a maximum of participants, then there can be two killers at a time. Regularly there is only one. These roles are assigned purely randomly and there is no way of knowing whether you are going to be a peaceful crew member of a traitor this time. The goal of all the astronauts and each of them in particular is to beware of any lonely and remote places where they can easily be caught off guard and murdered without anyone noticing. At the same time, you need to keep a close eye on your comrades because one of them is definitely your enemy, you just have to be attentive and draw the right conclusions.

One of the easiest ways to distinguish an astronaut from a murderer is that the latter can’t perform daily tasks. They are given to each of the players and they have to move around the ship and complete them. That’s yet another way to win the game without even revealing the killer’s identity – every astronaut on board has to accomplish their share of tasks before the murderer has a chance to complete their bloody work. Another way to tell the traitor is to see them climbing in or out of the ventilation system. The traitors can use it to move between different parts of the ship without attracting too much attention.

Find the traitor or kill everyone!

However, even catching the murderer red-handed is no guarantee that the game is over! You still need to convince the rest of the crew to believe you. There are votes for that and they are summoned every time another dead body is found. Note that the killer can use it as a trick to persuade everyone of their own innocence – if someone just reported a corpse, what are the chances they are the one who killed that person? Being good at playing as a traitor is knowing how and when to resort to such tricks.

After the vote is finished, the player with the most voices against them is cast outside of the ship. If that was the murderer, everyone can sigh with relief and the game is automatically won by the astronauts. But if not, the detective story continues! How is it going to end this time? Will the astronauts successfully avoid danger and find out who the murderer is? Or will they finish off everyone before they even get close? There is only one way to know that for sure – play Among Us online!