Fans of horror will definitely appreciate this atmospheric game with a really creepy antagonist! It’s a wicked nun who sacrifices children and wants your blood. To escape her grip, you need to get out of the school which will require you to explore the premises, find objects and figure out how to use them. Remember than the nun is near and you can easily run into her if you’re not careful enough!

Make your escape from the church!

The action of this fascinating game starts in a small room. It has a scarce size and is a place where our character is serving his sentence. Of the furniture, there is only a wardrobe and a board. On it, our hero must write a sentence promising to behave well. Moreover, he must repeat this many times. You can give a name to your hero. With them he will sign his promise. These little things do not change the nature of the game, but they add some flavor to what is unfolding before you on the screen.

Naturally, a teenager cannot stand such hardships for a long period of time and is willing to escape. There are two options for this. The door is the common way to get out of the premises. But it doesn’t make sure you will have success with your small business. The second way is the hole at the bottom. But even if you select it, there is no guarantee that the escape will not succeed. This is the main advantage of this amazing game made by Keplerians. So, are you ready to plunge into this nightmare and test your survival skills as well as the firmness of your nerves?

Beware of the nun and look out!

Start your mission to get out of the building and pray that you’re lucky. When you escape the room, you will find yourself in an adjacent room. It is furnished with wardrobes and chests. You will have to explore them, discover all sorts clues and helpful items. Simultaneously, you need to figure out for what purpose this or that item can be used. The game designers have made this process a little bit confusing. Sometimes the items that you can discover at the beginning will come in handy at the very end of this game. And since the hero is only capable of one item, remember where what is, or put the thing where you can easily find it at a later point.

But Evil Nun is not about solving quests. You need to get away safe and sound from the evil nun. And she is constantly moving and looking for a fugitive. She has a hammer that is ready to be misused. If she sees that her unfortunate student has left the room, she will immediately go in search of him. From the terrible sight of the nun, the blood runs cold. Therefore, you can lose your mind even before the moment when she uses her hammer. The teenager has five days to escape this sinister school. Meeting a nun immediately reduces this time by one day. If the escape fails after five days, you are defeated. Start your horror adventure right now and try to survive!