BeamNG Drive is a computer crash simulator in which, thanks to the unique physics of soft bodies, when vehicles collide, they are deformed and destroyed. Basically, here you can break your virtual car into pieces and turn it into a pile of metal enjoying spectacular moments in slow motion. There are several modes, including multiplayer with bots.

Break your car and long for more!

The game currently has no goal. There are various missions you can pass and races that you can participate in. The player can drive vehicles and create accidents between them in free mode. The game implements advanced physical models due to which collisions of vehicles cause damage and destruction of parts. Everything looks very natural just like in real life and you can feel the adrenaline of what is happening on the screen switching between first person and third person views.

So how does it all work? The transport in the simulator is composed of a soft body, knot and beam structure. The system emulates a network of nodes and beams that are interconnected, in the aggregate, an unseen skeleton of a car with a plausible mass is formed. If you look at it from the prespective of soft body physics, cars are actually flexible and deform from stresses in the skeleton, including impact from collisions.

And that’s not everything, you can also destruct objects surrounding you on the map. You can run into walls and trees, collide with other vehicles and obstacles. You can drive off a high cliff and watch your car fall down bumping on all the ledges spectacularly. Or you can use various natural hurdles as trampolines and start off them to perform amazing stunts that will bring you points.

Enjoy the variety of modes and opportunities!

That’s basically the whole point of BeamNG Drive. Players can add multiple vehicles to one map and control them by switching between them in real time, there is also the possibility of implementing artificial intelligence. That means you will be racing against bots. They may push and shove you trying to get you off the track. In this case, your task is to stay in the game for as long as possible and reach the finish line without receiving any critical damage.

In addition, the player has the ability to edit the world using the built-in editor. You can create your own obstacle course and test drive a wide variety of vehicles on it. Besides, there is a garage where you can put together your own car by upgrading those you already have and building them from spare parts you have collected. This adds even more versatility to the game allowing you to take a break between the crash tests. Overall, BeamNG Drive is a great simulator of driving and crashing your car that will surely give you your daily doze of adrenaline. Start playing it online right now and have a blast!