Football has always been considered a very entertaining sport. And FIFA games allow you to enjoy it online acting as a coach of your virtual team and orchestrating spectacular matches! They reflect the real football world. It is a unique simulator that raises the gaming realism to a qualitatively new level and allows soccer fans to fully immerse themselves in the heat of the match. You can really feel like part of your favorite sport. The lifelike design of the football field will surely delight you and the enthusiastic crowd will motivate you to show your best performance. Wanna find out more? Then start playing right now!

Stunning realism, high-end graphics

FIFA is not just a virtual version of football – it’s a full-fledged simulator. Amazing visuals make the game even more gripping and close to reality. The new generation of graphics accurately and smoothly reflects the environment that usually occurs in a real stadium and creates a stunning effect of presence through the Living Pitches effect. The appearance of the players is perfectly imitated as well – they look very lifelike and almost indistinguishable from the real ones. This system also provides you with the ability to confidently and completely control the characters. It gives you complete freedom of action and remains, at the same time, as simple as understandable and intuitive as possible.

There are plenty of modes for you to try. The most popular is Ultimate Team with its own specific features. Two other modes that enjoy wide popularity are Friendly Seasons (multiplayer) and Rent where you can test all your favorite players by signing a short-term contract with them. Note that during the matches you will also hear the voices of your favorite commentators that will accompany you through the match describing what is happening on the field.

The entire range of emotions and impressions!

For the first time in the virtual gaming world, all twenty-two players will be connected to a special system called emotional intelligence. This feature provides them with the ability to communicate with teammates and opponents and give answers depending on the situation. FIFA games give their fans the opportunity to feel all the emotion and drama of the events that take place on the field thanks to the full development of facial muscles and expressions of the characters.

Now gamers will be able to nudge the players to certain detection of various emotions and watch it while sitting in front of the monitors. For example, a hero whose rival has repeatedly been seen breaking the rules can easily start a brawl. You will have a unique opportunity to observe the changes in the emotions demonstrated by the players during the match. Heroes have access to about six hundred emotional reactions to various stimuli. Discover all this incredible experience playing our great FIFA games and plunge into the world of big sports!