It’s no secret that boys and girls are different. And it also goes for the choice of web games. If you look at the genres commonly selected by female players, you’ll see that there is a lot of typical girly stuff there. Picking up an outfit, trying on various hairstyles, making a manicure, cooking delicious meals, taking care of cute little kittens and puppies… All that can also be done online with our wide assortment of free games for girls to any taste! Flip through the site and discover plenty of things to do that will keep you occupied for hours!

<strong>Plunge into the world of fashion</strong>

If you love fashion and enjoy choosing clothes for your next outing, you will find a great number of games that will bring out your inner designer here. Dress up virtual models choosing from a vast online wardrobe, try different combinations, create dozens of styles for various occasions and complete your efforts with nicely done hair and makeup. Help your favorite characters come up with a new, shiny image. Fans of My Little Pony will be happy to play as their favorite heroines assisting them in choosing a costume for a concert, party or simply everyday life.

Games for girls can also teach you how to take care of your appearance, skin and hair. Set up a gorgeous spa day and relax doing face masks, putting on scrubs and creams, washing and dying your model’s hair. Polish it up with some nice cosmetics. It takes a lot of taste and style to choose the right makeup and online girl games will help you learn its basics!

<strong>Conquer a virtual kitchen</strong>

Most of the girls like cooking. Too bad it takes so many attempts to find out how to cook a certain meal just right for it to taste delicious. Cooking simulators can help you deal with that problem, though! Discover hundreds of recipes, pick the necessary products from your virtual fridge, slice, fry and bake them for a mentioned amount of time and check out the result. Appetizing salads, soups, meat and fish meals, cakes and other yummy stuff will make you an experienced chef in the kitchen! Later on you can try cooking some of the best recipes in real life and surprise your family and friends.

<strong>Look after an online pet or even a baby!</strong>

Finally, a big part of online games for girls challenges players to take care after a pet or even a little kid. You need to feed your charge, wash and brush him, calm him down if he cries, play with him and get him to sleep. Only a watchful mother will be able to cope with all that! Mood swings and illnesses, bumps and accidents, entertaining and teaching – will you manage to keep your eye on a small, helpless creature, even a virtual one, craving your attention? Try our free girl games and find out!