You must be a fan of famous horror-series known as Five Nights at Freddy’s! If you are, then you must be a real expert of horror games, since this one is one of the best. The games have an incredible and mysterious narrative, full of secrets and blood chilling details (most of which you have to figure out on your own). Scott Cawthon, the game developer, has a joke for the most loyal fans said by a funny animatronic-hippopotamus. He says that you shouldn’t dig too deep into the secrets of crazy animatronics. However, how could you, when they are so interesting and fantastic in all ways? So, FNAF is a popular point & click game for both computers and mobile devices. Each game from the series puts the main character to a different location, but the angle stays the same: you are a main character and see the world from his perspective, trying to stay alive during a crazy rush of living dolls. You have five nights of horror and the animatronics won’t stop terrorizing you for even a second.
The stories are different, however, they are all related to each other. The main character you will play for is an unknown person with no particular features or characteristics. On the first layer of the story, he is just a guy who works in a pizzeria at night. In the first two parts of the game, he is a watchman and God only knows why these creatures are so aggressive towards him. Once you play, you will get a feeling that this watchman is more like a prisoner than a worker. It is suggested that he and his dad (the owner of the pizzeria) have so many awful sins to purge and this is exactly what he is doing in the game. The third game takes place in the ruined pizzeria. The forth one is different from all the previous ones: here you play for a kid (maybe the younger brother of the main character), trapped in the bedroom. The next part is Sister Location, a game where the main character is willing to save the soul of his sister, which has been trapped in the body of one of the animatronics after her death. The next one is Freddy Fazbear’s Pizzeria Simulator and this is a story about main character’s attempts to bring everything in order and help the souls of dead children who were murdered by his father to get their peace.
Actually, it doesn’t matter what the story is and which location you are trapped in, since in every game of the series you have just one mission – stay alive until the sun rises. Every game in series, however, offers you a new method of dealing with animatronics and saving your life. There will be some cameras at your disposal to let you see when the hostile creature is approaching to your room. You will lock the entrances to the room in the correct order to avoid confrontation. Remember that you cannot just close all of them simultaneously and sit back on your chair, smoking a cigar. This won’t be a horror game this way, right? Your moves and actions are strictly limited and you don’t have any knifes or shotguns to protect yourself. The pizzeria of Freddy is the central location of the series, however, not every episode happens there. Most animatronics are actually the dolls that have the souls of murdered children inside. However, the game itself doesn’t include any bloody episodes – it just rattles you nerves. All tragedies of the story are on the background and this is why the game looks that strange and mysteriously. All parts of FNAF are available at our website for free, so try them all!