Our daily life is too scarce in thrilling events and so we’re looking for a substitute in the virtual world. The diversity of online adventure games present in the market allows everyone to choose just the right title that suits their personal preferences and tastes. You can try on the roles of different superheroes, special agents, valiant knights and movie characters traveling across the digital realm, overcoming obstacles and performing daring missions to gain valuable prizes.

Maybe you prefer to dream about the glorious Medieval times filled with beautiful princesses that need to be saved from evil dragons, mighty kingdoms clashing in fierce wars and fascinating tournaments between the best swordsmen of the country? Then grab your sword and shield, hop on your horse and set off to seek glory in a faraway phantasy land! If you are more enchanted with the world of the future, you can explore distant planets, fight with extraterrestrials or save the city from rebellious robots threatening to crush everything in their way. Everything depends on your reflexes, courage and ability to take quick and smart decisions in difficult situations.

Our site hosts plenty of popular online adventure games that will help you spend a thrilling evening playing on your computer or right from your smartphone or tablet. Those appreciating a mix of action and brain challenge will be fascinated with the series of Fire and Water games. These puzzle platformers require you to combine the abilities of the main characters, Fireboy and Watergirl, capable of controlling two different elements. You are going to need not only good reaction, but also logical thinking to solve all the puzzles and overcome the obstacles keeping you away from the treasures you will find in the end.

Another widespread adventure game, Minecraft Clone, allows you to investigate the vast pixelated world of Minecraft. You need to gather resource blocks and shift them creating amazing landscapes and building your own unique structures. In search of rare materials and artifacts, you will cut your way through thick forests, rise into the mountains and descend into dangerous caves crawling with monsters. Online adventures are numerous and versatile! Check out the titles available on our site and enjoy action-packed games that will keep you occupied for hours!