Choo Choo Charles

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Are you ready for a crazy adventure on the railroad? Then welcome to Choo Choo Charles! Here you will have to struggle with an evil locomotive named Charles that is chasing you all over the country and upgrade your own train to put up a good fight. On your way, you will discover various locations, collect materials to improve your railcar and accomplish all kinds of quests that the locals have to entrust you.

Travel, level up, fight off Charles!

The whole gameplay consists of two parts. When you’re onboard of your train, you can travel around the game’s world, visit different places and also clashes with Charles will happen this way. Some quests are also easier to complete like that – for instance, when a woman asks you to avenge her husband’s murder and you can simply run the killer over with your steel wheels. Walking around another town, talking to NPC, interacting with various objects and getting the stuff you need for completing missions is done on foot. However, your character doesn’t have any weapons with him, so you’ll have to be careful and act mainly by stealth. And all the time you have to beware of Charles who can turn up any moment! Start playing right now and have fun!