Fall Guys

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Do you lack adrenaline in your life? Do you want to break away from everyday routine and try some thrilling and fun for a chance? You can do that with Fall Guys! This incredible racing arcade in the traditions of battle royale will instantly give you a charge of excitement. Your task is to overcome a series of tricky hindrances and get to the finish line no matter what. And you need to do it faster than the rest of the players! In total, there are 60 participants at the start. Then their number gradually decreases until there is only a bunch of champions competing for the main prize. Are you ready to begin?

Your way to victory will be tough but so much fun! The races are held on randomly generated locations, so there is no way you can know the placement of hindrances beforehand. Every time you have to show your ability to think on the go and react at the speed of lightning. All trials are different requiring you to demonstrate your speed, agility and reflexes. Sometimes it rather resembles a crazy circus performance than actually a race! But you can’t afford to give up because your team is counting on you.

As you play longer and longer and turn up against the winners more and more often, your character will gain levels. That will bring you a certain number of points that can be spent on buying a wide variety of accessories for your hero. You can really make yourself visible on the arena! Discover all the perks of Fall Guys, enjoy the action and stay in a positive mood!