Buckshot Roulette

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Picture this: a dimly lit room, a loaded shotgun, and choices that can lead to triumph or peril. Will you pull the trigger against your opponents or take a chance on yourself? The stakes are high, and every move counts in this Buckshot Roulette!

What’s the Deal?

The basic rules of Buckshot Roulette are simple – you load your gun (part bullets, part blanks), you spin the magazine, you put the maze to your temple, you pull the trigger. If you’re lucky, you hear that comforting blank crack, and maybe you’ll live another round. Not so lucky – well, bad for you!

Buckshot Roulette Features

Endless Respawns: Fear not, you’re granted the gift of unlimited respawns, resetting the round and giving you another shot at glory. But beware – if you falter in the final act, it’s game over, and the dance begins anew!

Groove with Items: Adding to the chaos, both you and the dealer receive items at the start of the second round. These items can sway the odds, providing a tactical advantage that might just be the key to surviving the lethal ballet.

4-Player Mode: Tired of playing against the AI? Invite your pals and try your luck! Buckshot Roulette supports up to four players in this thrilling and deadly showdown. Who’s gonna be the luckiest?