Have you heard about Squid Game, a Korean masterpiece in a battle royale style? Then you know the main idea – a group of people that are in a miserable financial state is invited to participate in a deadly run that can solve all their problems. The location is a vast wheat field where all participants have to start at the same time. But it is not only a question of speed that will influence the outcome of the event. Everything is much more complicated. You need to maintain clarity of mind and dexterity in an extremely stressful environment. Are you still here and ready to accept this unusual challenge? Then you must know all the other details no matter how horrifying they may seem to you.

What’s the point?

This run is not for fun at all. Every participant has some financial problem that he cannot solve for certain reasons. And this competition offers an unbelievable cash prize if you manage to become that survivor who reaches the robot doll. But no pitfalls are allowed, and you have only one single chance. This course is full of obstacles – you need to create alliances with other contest participants, cross a glass bridge, and complete a lot of thrilling tasks if you want to proceed. For all these trials, you will have a strictly specified time frame. So you have no chance to think for hours and develop a strategy. You need to act logically but spontaneously. Your life is at stake, so listen to your self-preservation instinct and do not underestimate it hints.

How to play?

This survival game has extremely strict rules where just one wrong step can have irreversible consequences. The main task of each player is to reach the destination point across the wheat field. But it will be a real challenge as you are not allowed to move when you want. Every runner needs to adhere to one rule – you must become completely motionless when you see the red light. It is not a joke, if you break it and start moving when it is forbidden, you will be killed by one of the soldiers that are armed to the teeth and just wait for the moment to shoot. So you need to coordinate all your movements with utmost care not to take the wrong step. Moreover, even more strain is being added by the time countdown that you see on the screen. Every moment, you see it escapes at lightning speed. And this fact forces you to speed up, mistakenly making unjustified things. Do not rush as it may ruin all your progress. Сoolly ponder every step you take. Do not stop watching the light indicator on the screen and immediately stop when the red light starts flashing. Surely, you are still intrigued? Then do not waste your time – it is a perfect moment to join a team of other players and test your luck in this deadly run. You know the rules, and if you follow them without fail, it is a true way to the victory. Don’t doubt yourself, you can handle this trial too. Open the game and get started! Good luck!