Genshin Impact is an anime-style RPG game with an open world where you will get into a land full of magic and amazing discoveries. It tells a story of two siblings who need to find each other in a parallel dimension. And that will require one of them to master the power of the elements and defeat plenty of dangerous enemies. Are you ready to hit the road?

The world of magic is waiting for you!

The first thing worth mentioning about Genshin Impact is its highly detailed and amazingly beautiful world. You can never know what you are going to discover when you enter another location. Across the river or over the mountain, there might be a fascinating landscape or a whole city waiting for you. But don’t worry, you won’t get lost here, because from the very first minutes you will be accompanied by a charming fairy who will show you around and give you a clue on what to do next. Together with her, you will arrive at your first city where you will learn something about this world and take your first shots at magic.

In Genshin Impact, it is represented by seven elements. Each of them is controlled by a certain deity, and every city worships one of them. If you get the hang of the spells, you will be able to use them in battles to fight even the most powerful foes. Besides, the elements can be combined to form even more formidable spells with complex effects. Just like in any other RPG game, you will be able to evolve your hero in the process, increase his or her parameters (you can choose whether to play as the brother or the sister), learn new skills and generally become stronger, more agile and durable. And of course, magic-savvy!

Enjoy the innovative battle system and amazing adventures!

One interesting feature about Genshin Impact is that there is an ability to add companions who want to join you on your trip. And you will be able to switch to them during the combat! That means if you are set up against a specific enemy and you need the skills of your companion or you think they will deal with this particular monster better, you can simply switch to them and take advantage of their abilities. It’s very convenient and it brings in a lot of diversity to the gameplay. This is something you will barely see in other games of the sort, and that’s what makes Genshin Impact so unique.

Thus, you can create a really powerful squad, and all the monsters will be shuddering at your only name! Together you can complete even the most complicated quests and descend into the murkiest of dungeons in search of treasures and experience. Aside from picking up items that fall out of dead monsters and finding them underground, you can also win some cool and rare objects spinning the gacha roulette. As you can see, there are plenty of things for you to do and enjoy in Genshin Impact! Play this marvelous game online and delve into a bright anime world full of wonders and magic that is waiting for you!