Happy Wheels is an exciting game with funny characters and an emphasis on black humor. It’s a great way to distract from everyday problems and simply have fun. Despite the bloody mess, the game is magnificently uplifting and fascinating. The goal is simple – you just need to stay alive. There are no time frames, coins to collect, things to buy and other stuff to keep you hooked on. What you get addicted to is the very atmosphere of the game. On our site you can play a huge number of Happy Wheels versions online and try on the roles of different characters who need to make it through the level, each using their weird means of transportation, without getting hurt too much!

<strong>Get thrilled, just don’t get killed!</strong>

From the first minutes of the gameplay you find yourself in very difficult circumstances. There is a young man at your disposal, very reminiscent of an office employee, dressed in a bicycle helmet and mounted on a segway. Everything in the game seems to be trying to eradicate the protagonist at all costs: objects collapse, cars fall from the sky, spears whistle past your ear, mines explode, circular saws try to cut you in half and all this can cause the hero a ton of pain and misery.

The controls are implemented extremely well. We have two buttons for horizontal movement and a jump button. For a full-fledged gameplay, these controls are enough, but there are also other buttons: one of them allows you to unhook from the segway, the other two will help to tilt the vehicle vertically.

<strong>Dark colors, bright emotions</strong>

The game features 15 very diverse and extremely cruel levels that will teach you to be careful. Different versions of Happy Wheels introduce you to different heroes: a father with a son on a bicycle, an old man on a turbojet stroller, a stout woman on a food trolley, a young couple on a motorcycle and a man with a pogo stick.

The game looks bloody and incredibly colorful, but these aren’t its only advantages. Special attention should be paid to the implementation of the physical laws: not only the movement of the objects themselves, but also the damage suffered by the character, severed limbs and other sadistic elements of the gameplay have received the most realistic performance. The process is accompanied by a cheerful, unobtrusive melody, and the characters sometimes express their emotions in rather bitter language, so keep the kids away. Play Happy Wheels online and enjoy the ride!