Feeling stressed after a hard working day? Your college teacher freaks you out? Cannot stand the injustice of this world? No need to stress out and shout at your friends and relatives, because we have found a perfect reliever for you. Video games! Not only they are perfect for this purpose as they are, but there are titles done specifically with that stress and anger-relieving concept in mind. This is a so-called torturing entertainment, a game where you get a doll at your disposal and a large arsenal of various weapons and tools to make it cry for mercy. But it is actually just a doll and it won’t be crying in suffering, so relax and just your business. Kick the Buddy is your personal resource of amazing fun colored with a slight touch of hidden aggression. Just look at this smiling face, don’t you want to beat it up? Oh, you cannot resist it for sure. So, once you launch the game, you get an unlimited access to endless experiments with Buddy’s flesh and the amount of instruments for torturing is truly striking. We bet that you will get confused when you see them all. Numerous ways of destructions are available here – beating, exploding, shelling, and many more.

Your aim is just to harm and destroy Buddy, however, you cannot do that completely. No matter how long you try, Buddy will stay alive. Or if you manage to reach the critical level and kill him, he will come back in a couple of seconds, ready to accept new horrors you have prepared. Does it make any sense? We are not sure, but it is a great fun! When you hurt Buddy, you receive digital cash to your “balance” And behold – the more cash you get, the more you spend for new torturing tools. So everything here encourages you to torture the doll and become even more advanced in it. There is also a set of special tools in the game, but it can be purchased for real money. All in all, the initial one is more than enough to enjoy the game process to the fullest.

While you are welcome to do with this guy everything that comes to your head, there are also some special tasks you can perform to receive more bonuses. These are not different from anything you do – they are connected with torturing practices as well, however, this brings you score and you can use that score later to get some new weapons. What is more, this brings something new to the game and allows you to have some kind of a variable experience. So if you are looking for a socially-accepted and funny way to relieve all the stress you have accumulated during a day, then we bet that you will totally adore this title. Jump in, it’s time to hurt someone!