Kick the Buddy

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You know how people used to take it out on mannequins punching and kicking them to get rid of anger and stress? Now it’s also possible online and you don’t even have to thrash a real doll. There is a virtual one and the arsenal of your destructive means is much wider than you can imagine. You can hit the friendly smiling puppet with a variety of melee weapons, shoot a few arrows or even bullets in his head, scorch him with fire or even make him explode. Besides, there are various poisonous gases, forces of nature and other ways to deliver more damage to the character. He won’t be complaining. In fact, he doesn’t seem to suffer from that at all. Each hit into the target will bring you a certain amount of coins that you can spend on unlocking new torture instruments and expanding your room with some extra appliances. Once everything is set, you don’t have to do anything. Just sit back and watch the system you just installed tear the mannequin to pieces! You’ll see that Kick the Buddy is a nice way to relieve stress!