The most successful pet game ever surely is Talking Tom. It was launched as a simple imitative mobile app, where you meet a 3D cat called Tom. When you say something, Tom repeats your words in a funny voice. After a couple of repetitions like that, you will be rolling around the floor from laughter. This game was very customizable and cute, so millions of users downloaded it. Not only children, but their parents as well adored Tom. With time, the studio released a number of other titles about this kitty and a lot of new characters appeared. The developers didn’t limit themselves to the funny mimic genre. Now you can find a lot of Tom-titles, which include puzzles, endless runners, arcades, dress-up, and more. The new games were even funnier than the previous ones, so the old fans stayed loyal, while the new joined gladly. Tom was talking, purring, hopping around, and doing funny stuff. Later, the young audience got a chance to enjoy running titles, where cats became superheroes and completed various missions. We can say that this is one of the most popular cats around the world.

The newest Tom-titles allow you even to adopt a small baby-Tom, which acts as a tamagochi: you have to look after him during the day, feed him, play with him, brush his fur, and kiss him goodnight at the evening. With time, the kitten turns into a teen-cat, then an adult one. During the process, new game elements and items appear. There are several stages of cat life you are going to witness. Getting in-game currency – golden coins – you get an opportunity to create a beautiful house for your cat, decorating it and buying sofas, armchairs, and wardrobes. You can also change Tom’s outlook by getting him new fur! He can look like a dinosaur, jaguar, or even an alien. What’s more, the clothes and accessories are also available. Tom likes attention and will respond you with tons of love and appreciation. There is also the same game about his girlfriend – Angela. There you can rise her up from a small kitten to a beautiful cat lady! That’s great, because the characters are cats and people at the same time – they have habits of the felines and human emotions, empathy, etc.

In every Talking Tom title you can play with digital pets, experience real-life emotions, and choose clothes as well as decorations for him/her. The interactions with digital cats are truly amazing – you can touch him and see how he reacts! That’s funny and the level of interactivity grows with every new version of Talking Tom. The game developers did their best to create the most addictive and cute pet game ever, so you should try this one for sure. Whether you want to have a real cat or just need someone to play and talk with – Talking Tom is an option. We have a large collection of the most successful franchise releases, so check them all out right now! Its free!