Talking Tom Hero Dash

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Friends are in trouble, will you save them? Of course, you will! You are real super heroic kitten, who values friendship and justice above everything else! Put on your mask and coat, the time has come to start your endless running and overcome numerous challenges on your way to a noble aim. You and your buddies need to be united again, but the enemies put them into a trap. So the process is very simple – choose the most beloved character from Tom’s universe and start your running towards the aim. Stage after stage, you will get closer to it. There is a side task here – gather the coins on your way and try to get more of them. It means that every new stage should bring you a bigger amount of bonuses than the previous! This is a very simple, but adorable title that can be played for hours. Especially if you are a fan of endless runners that use easy gameplay and beautiful art. And if you are a fan of Tom, of course. Jump into the game and run as fast as you can!