Racing is one of the oldest kinds of sport. The objective of the game is to outrun all rivals and arrive to the finish line first. Today racing is tremendously popular, inferior perhaps only to football. And about 40 years ago it began to be transferred to virtual reality. In this section you can familiarize yourself with a stunning collection of games where you need to compete with your friends for speed, attention, reaction and ability to drive different types of vehicles. Are you ready to check yourself out on the road? Then, without putting this riveting experience aside any further, choose a game to your liking and get immersed into a thrilling action!

Plenty of cars, riveting locations, real physics!

There is no such sensation than tearing down a winding track behind the wheel of a super modern car. Racing games belong to the category of online entertainments that is suitable and fascinating for all players. We have selected the most amazing races to satisfy the pickiest audience and surprise even the most experienced gamers. Inspiring sceneries and post-apocalyptic panoramas, sturdy trucks and elegant sports cars, angle change and full involvement in a detailed gameplay – such a variety won’t leave anyone indifferent!

Long ago, we only had access to simple races with primitive backgrounds and a minimal set of tasks. Nowadays even the most unpretentious racing simulators are capable of perfectly replicating all the nuances of driving and competing the experience with realistic physics. Over almost 50 years of their existence, racing games have evolved into a fiery action with intricate parameters and an immense range of options for you to enjoy. You can get to drive all kinds of transport, from sedans and hatchbacks to police cars, trucks, even tanks. Some games even give you an opportunity to control a helicopter or spaceship – who said races can’t run in the midair or even open space? Add broad customization options, ability to upgrade your vehicle, the choice of characters, locations and missions – and you won’t be able to unglue your eyes from the screen for long hours!

Race with friends, do stunts, play tricks!

The selection of scenarios is also huge. If you prefer racing alone, you can indulge in a gripping campaign that often features a storyline behind it. But it’s always more interesting to compete with real people because you can’t predict their actions and that means you should be even more attentive and cunning. There are plenty of players online at any time of the day waiting for you to challenge them. You can also invite your friends over to play locally or connect with them over the network to see who’s the fastest and deftest driver. And yes, races don’t necessarily have to be about sports, sometimes it’s just sheer fun and hilarious chaos! Many of them offer all kinds of dirty tricks to outrun your rivals. You can set traps for them, shoot rockets and throw bombs to get your enemies off the track. You’ll also get extra points for performing stunts and sometimes even breaking your car! Try our amazing racing games online and get your shot of adrenaline for today!