Stickmen don’t look like classical heroes of the games. They don’t muscle and even faces. These are simple guys drawn with lines – two sticks represent legs, the other two are for arms, the body is a stick as well and a round on the top – is the head. Well, nothing that appealing, right? However, the series about stickmen are incredible despite everything. There are numerous stories about them, but what is more, you can even create your own. There are fighting games, when one stickman tries to defeat another one. In some titles they are fighting with bare hands, while in the others they get weapons and this is when the real fun begins. As for creation, there are drawing games, where you can create your own stick guy and get him into comics! The stories will come to life in your hands, so you will feel yourself like a cartoon maker. What is more, the sharp style of drawing and lack of details is a great feature – you don’t have to be an artist to create witty and crazy stories! This style makes things even funnier, especially when you invent some ridiculous situtaions.

However, there are more. If you are looking for a real challenge, the you need to try a Vex 3. There you will see a stickman, who seems to be in a real problem. The environment is killing, no literally. Absolutely merciless place is all around you – the obstacles will ruin stickman’s body every time you make a mistake. He can stay legless or armless, but when things will go even more dramatic, the stickman will die. You will have to move your fingers fast and apply your best skills to keep this guy alive. What about some more humor? Well, if you like comedy, then there is another stickman game – Fleeing the Complex, where you will find yourself locked in a trap by some bad guys. Your aim, as you have already guessed, is escape! Some strange instruments will help you get out and the entire story will be very funny. Fool the guards, apply weird objects to move further and help stickman get out. But don’t you focus on the humor only. The game is tough, so you need to be smart and rational. If you make a mistake, this might cost you too much and even your life. Fails are not an option, the game doesn’t forgive them. If you make a small mistake, get ready that it will grow into a huge, gigantic, enormous trouble. Add this title to the list of your favorite stickman adventures, we bet that you will appreciate it. Make correct decision, move closer to your aim, and finally – win the game!

As you can see, stickman titles are so variable, that you will find the one of any type here. Fighting, shooting, surviving, drawing, escaping and even parkour are the genres that you will find here. But there are more! Start your exploration of the stickman universe right now and we bet that you will become a fan of the series very soon. Be aware that we upload new stickman games to this section all the time! You will find them right here after they are launched! So have fun and good luck to you and your stickman!