If you enjoy racing games most of all, you should definitely check out this simple yet exciting game that isn’t deprived of its degree of challenge. Hill Climb Racing will dare you to pass a great variety of interesting tracks that all differ in landscape and peculiar driving conditions. While there is no particular realism in the way your vehicles look and move, you are still sure to get a lot of thrill trying not to fail on another rough patch and break your car in the process!

Yet another hill to climb

In this game you are a racer and your name is Bill. And the name of the game is understandable, since the main goal is the ability to drive, without breaking Bill’s neck, as far as possible along the road with bumps, hills and mountains. This is the main difficulty you are going to face. For control, pedals located on the sides of the screen are used, of which there are only two. Passing the tracks, you will open up new maps and vehicles that were previously blocked. New technology can be improved.

This can be done for coins. You collect them as you progress through the tracks. The better your transport, the faster you will accumulate more coins, as you will go further than on a non-upgraded car. And further along the track there are more coins than at the beginning. In addition to collecting money and setting a record, you can set a goal for yourself to open all the tracks and cars, and of course improve them. From time to time, updates from developers appear on the network, in which they add new maps and vehicles.

Cool cars, great tracks and a lot of emotions!

Here are some tips to help the aspiring player put their talents to good use. First of all, it is better to open new tracks and cars out of order, but at the beginning of all those that you like more and that are most profitable. It is better to save up for a more expensive car and conquer the peaks on it. So where can you earn the coins best? The Moon track will help you accumulate much more funds. The gravity of the moon is less than that of the earth, which allows you to spend more time apart from the ground, and for this, coins are awarded in the game.

Another useful piece of advice is to upgrade your car to the maximum. This will allow you to navigate the trails more easily and over longer distances. At the beginning of your career, you shouldn’t spend coins on such difficult routes as arctic cave, cave, night, Mars. And the last tip – in order not to roll forward after falling from a high hill, you should fly vertically.

Summing up, it can be noted that the game Hill Climb Racing is really very interesting and deserves your attention. It is probably already installed by many of your friends, which makes the process of passing more focused. You will undoubtedly like this game from the first minutes and it will remain on your phone or PC for a long time. Have a nice session!