The boxy and bright worlds of Minecraft games are incredible. All of them open a wide range of creative opportunities for a player, this is why they so popular, especially among young audience. The best thing about Minecraft universe is that you can find a title of any imaginable genre there, from defense games to role-playing adventures. They are equally funny and entertaining when you play them on your own or on the online sever along with numerous other players that come from all corners of the world. We have a large collection of Minecraft games on this platform, so you can have a really good time browsing them and choosing those that you like the most. Here you will find the best and most popular titles of well-known franchise, so join the Minecraft world and immerse yourself into fantastic entertainment and don’t limit your imagination!

You may start from a real classics of Minecraft – a title, where you have to defend your base from the opposing enemies. You need to stand against their attacks, which is not going to be easy! However, your base needs to stay unharmed at all costs, so do your best. Next, you can move to a dynamic adventure, where you have to find as much jewelry as you can. Just don’t forget that you are not the only jewelry hunter here, so dangerous creatures will follow you and try to prevent you from becoming the richest minecrafter in the world! Get ready to fight for your gems! Also, you can join amazing RPG missions, where you will have to team up with other gamers and complete various tasks. You can also get yourself a pocket edition of Minecraft to let your favorite game be with you whenever you are. Just imagine how great it is to enter the fantastic universes inside of your gadget instead of sitting bored in a bus or waiting for your pall, who always runs late. With this list of Minecraft titles, you can build, shoot, collect, and defend your bases 24/7! Sounds fun, isn’t it? So discover numerous Minecraft worlds and turn your fantasy on, because these games require your creative juices to flow!

The titles gathered in this category are very different, when it comes to genres and style. This is one of the best features Minecraft universe has to offer – every player, despite his taste and preferences, can find amazing games inside of one franchise. This is especially great, when you are a real fan of the series, so you have a chance to enjoy them as much as you want to! There are no limits for your minecrafting! Still, despite the exceptional level of variety, these games share some common elements we all love. For instance, they have that cute boxy 3D graphics, so familiar and dear to fans’ hearts. You can see this familiar outlook in various options, from creative building titles to really tough survivals! Every title in a list has something different and keeps to the general amusing style at the same time!