It’s time for a furious fight! We present you a list of Mortal Kombat titles, the most popular fighting games of all times. A number of brutal and cruel struggles are waiting for you in this world od gods and demons. All parts of the series are famous for being realistic, bloody and extremely violent and this is exactly what made them that famous and played all over the world. While the games are relatively simple when it comes to controls, there are some special movements that can be done with the help of certain combinations. The easiest strikes can be done with basic buttons, but correct combinations will cause unusual moves that are unique for every character. These moves can cause significantly more damage and even death to your opponent.

Three parts of Mortal Kombat were made in 2D style, while the third one features advanced 3D graphics. If you try playing the parts one by one starting from the beginning, you will definitely notice that they become even more violent and gory than all the previous ones. The parts share very similar gameplay: you appear on the arena and have an opponent to defeat. However, some new moves, modes, and features are added in every next part. Maybe, you didn’t know that, but there are even chess and puzzles designed in Mortal Kombat style. What is more, some newer parts contain a possibility for a character to kill himself/herself before his/her opponent does the most terrifying killing move – fatality. MK games were released for all kinds of devices, including PC and consoles.

The story behind the series is truly epic. With some changes of the plot, generally Mortal Kombat are fights in the middle-world, somewhere in a parallel universe. They are usually arranged by supernatural creatures similar to gods and demons, who fight one another for territories and honor. Those, who achieve the highest scores in the fight, become new masters of the reality. If you read a whole story behind the Mortal Kombat series, you will definitely feel like you are reading something like an ancient myth or epos, because the authors of the plot made the story incredibly global. There are numerous characters here, all of them have different abilities and skills. Mostly, their supernatural powers are connected with the basic elements of the universe, such as wind, ground, water, and fire. Are you ready to take part in a battle for outlaw universes and prove that you are the strongest fighter ever existed? Try it now!