Wanna try something different for a change? How about a bit of gangster action in the company of an armed banana? Yes, this is your new friend Pedro and he’ll teach you all the nuances of shooting, fighting and wrecking havoc in the city! This simple and dynamic shooter will send you across over 40 colorful levels, each lasting around five minutes. You’ll be making your way through manufacturing facilities and empty docks, stinky sewers and military objects firing at crowds of bad guys… just because you can! So, it’s time to charge your gun and launch one of My Friend Pedro games on our site!

The action goes bananas

The game starts with a little introduction. In the role of an unnamed masked hero, we wake up in the basement and meet Pedro, the talking and flying banana. An oblong fruit quickly explains to us what the protagonist is capable of: among his skills there is time dilation, dodging bullets and the ability to bounce off walls. It’s enough to turn any shootout into an impressive performance!

But that’s not everything you will be doing. There will be barrels that can be thrown off on the heads of gaping enemies. Then you suddenly find a skateboard and begin to perform tricks, simultaneously shooting with two hands. There will be signs from which bullets bounce right on target, and the funniest thing is to throw a skillet with your foot and shoot at it, watching how the shells fly apart.

Traditional levels with common enemies are changed by unique locations where you have to go through particularly fascinating experiences like an epic bike race or a free fall form a sky-scraper. In the end, you’re going to meet a boss that you’ll have to defeat in order to proceed. The mobs will differ in looks, but their strategies won’t alter except they will be armed with more powerful guns. However, the situation will be complicated by various traps like lasers and cannons and a good deal of platforming with puzzle elements. There are also a few surrealistic levels that add a bit more madness to what’s happening on the screen.

Shoot, earn points, have fun!

The arsenal of Pedro is gradually expanded with new weapons. First you have just one pistol with unlimited bullets, then you’re given another one, later you get a shotgun, an SMR and so on. Shooting from each of them feels a bit different and gives you tactical bonuses in certain situations. A nice thing is that you can hold one weapon in each hand. That increases the damages and also makes you look cooler. The stronger your kills the more points you will score in the end of the level.

My Friend Pedro games are extremely gripping and hilarious. Adrenaline-packed action, diversity of gameplay features and sheer craziness make it a must-play for everyone who enjoys non-traditional shooters. If you want to relax and have your doze of intense emotions, this is just what you need! Try one of these wacky games online and you won’t be able to tear yourself off the screen!