My Friend Pedro Unblocked

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Some violent titles that are all about shooting and killing look pretty tough and serious. You play for a muscular guy, who has a deep story behind his back, difficult childhood, traumas, killed comrades and all that boring stuff we are all used to. However, the other titles show the ridiculousness of this, just like My Friend Pedro. Committing a massive massacre for some complicated personal reason or for no reason at all – this is still a murder and a little purpose changes nothing. In this title you are going to immerse yourself in the world of bloody absurd, where the main hero shoots people down one by one just because he was told to do so. The banana told him. Now you already feel the degree of madness that is going to unwrap itself in the title we are presenting.

Actually, despite everything said, the playing process is really enjoyable and funny. In some cases, you will find yourself bursting from laughter and rolling on the floor. However, sometimes you will feel that the madness cannot go any further. Oh well, believe us, it can. With My Friend Pedro everything can happen. We are not sure that this title states any existential questions about the meaning of life and its value or something. It is just fun. The title can boast of having a great style, super-cool shooting scenes, and your ability to arrange them yourself and become a real hero of that post-modernistic type. Shoot, jump, find new victims, and feel free to become creative. Even though you are killing people, there are no reasons to stop being creative, right?