Fortnite gained its popularity years ago and gamers still find this title one of the best in the genre. Generally, there are three modes of Fortnite: Battle Royale (a survival battle that lasts until one player or group stays alive), Save the World (a fight against zombies, where gamers cooperate in a team to defend the base and themselves), and Creative (a mode, where gamers have an opportunity to create their own world and battle arena). Three parts of the title share the same artwork, mechanics, and similar principles. To say the truth, all the three modes are successful and popular, however Battle Royale is worth of special attention. More than 100 million gamers joined the game in a very short period after the launch. Today, this title is no less popular and developers continue to add new features to please and attract new users. Let’s discuss each mode in more detail.

When you enter Save the World version, you find yourself on the land after a huge natural disaster. Because of this catastrophe, a large part of population died. What is more, dangerous creatures that remind of the zombies have emerged. Your mission is to do everything you can to stay alive despite the attacks of the enemies. Also, you need to save your base from ruination. To do so, you will team up with other participants to build safe shelters, get food and weapon, and save those lucky ones, who have survived the catastrophe.

Battle Royale is less cooperative, since it was designed as “one versus all” game, still you have an opportunity to unite with other players and form groups and small squads. Along with other 99 participants, you appear on the island. You should act quickly to find enough weapons and useful items. The waters of the ocean cover the land gradually, leaving a small piece of the ground, so confrontations become unavoidable as the battle lasts. The last standing character or a team of characters becomes a winner.

Creative version is a perfect chance to design your own environment. The best thing about this mode is that you have an absolute freedom of actions and can use your imagination to the fullest. Once you are done with creating the environment, you can play the Battle Royale version using the map you have created yourself. The developers say that they plan to use the most well-made maps for the official versions of the title in the future. So pick the mode that suits your tastes best and immerse yourself into the wonderful world of Fortnite! You can do that for free on our resource.