Online games are a pleasant pastime that allows you to forget about all the hardships and worries for a while and just dissolve in an exciting process. Therefore, many people don’t like complicated genres that force them to strain at the end of an already difficult day. They just want to relax and play their favorite game without any additional headache. Idle games will help you with that! This genre has emerged relatively recently, but has already become hotly loved by a wide audience. What is its point and attractiveness?

One click and you’re in!

The name suggests these are games for lazy people. That is, for those who don’t want to delve into complex concepts and control schemes. After all, it is the confusing controls that most often become the reason why a person turns off the game without understanding it. No one wants to waste extra time, we want to get the desired effect from the gameplay here and now.

Don’t worry, idle games won’t make you dig through the menu reconfiguring the settings to make them more suitable! Only one principle works here: click your mouse or tap the screen of your smartphone – and do whatever you need. One movement of your finger is enough to activate the required play function. This isn’t only simple, but also convenient, because we play online games in various places (for example, in the subway or in the class). It can also be helpful at home. Imagine that one of your hands is busy – you are talking on the phone or holding a mug of hot drink. In that case, you would have to tear yourself away from the game requiring a keyboard. But now you can keep playing while doing something else along the way!

All possible genres, any kind of entertainment!

What kinds of idle games exist? The variety of genres is simply limitless here. And you shouldn’t think that if the control scheme is primitive, the games are too. Of course, there are many of the simplest arcades and puzzles among them, for which you don’t need anything but good reaction and basic logic skills. But there are also options where complete immersion in the process is necessary.

Among idle games, there are a lot of complex strategies where you need to manage an entire kingdom, collect resources and develop economy, send armies into battle and conduct multi-step politics. And if you are fond of various simulators, you will find scattering of them in this category. You can create your own store and expand your business to unprecedented heights, you can manage a virtual beauty salon, giving clients manicures and hairstyles, or you can try something more unusual – for instance, equip your personal hell with various torture devices for inveterate sinners. You will find all this among our great idle games that you can play anywhere, anytime! Choose the option you like, don’t bother with the controls, have fun with the process and discover different genres in a new, simplified way!