Merge Plane

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Many of us dreamed of becoming a pilot as kids. We enjoyed building planes from our constructor and guide it through the air with our hand, imagining how it cleaves the clouds and sweeps over the distant land unfolding below. Later on, we got remote control planes and could actually feel the freedom of flight. Now, when there is online plane building and flying simulator called Merge Plane, it’s just one step into the skies!

The game allows you to construct a whole fleet, along with a parking apron. You’ll be in charge of your own airline! While your planes conquer the virtual sky, you earn money for every second off land. There are 30 different kinds of air vehicles to build, all with their unique designs and technical specifications. It’s up to you to combine them into one beautiful, powerful machine. If you like collecting stuff, you’ll be thrilled with rarities that you need to painstakingly gather during the gameplay. However, the thing that attracts most is that you can fly and grow your fleet on idle mode. Even if you’re offline, your planes keep doing their job and you keep earning money. You don’t need to invest plenty of time into becoming a worldwide leader, all you need is a Merge Plane account and a couple of initial moves. Recent updates have also added new graphical tweaks, tournaments and other cool features that you can check out with just a few mouse clicks. Join Merge Plane and find your place in the sky!