Narcos Idle Cartel

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Narcos: Idle Cartel is a clicker game based on the famous TV series by Netflix that tells about the life of a legendary narco baron, El Patron. Here you will get familiar with the dangerous world of drug cartels together with the main characters who have inherited the family business. There are plenty of difficulties and challenges waiting for you on your way. And you have to choose – either to remain an honest person or do everything you can to survive.

You’ll have to create your own drug business from scratch competing against other players running their own cartels. At first, you will be able to hire just one dealer. The controls are simple – you just have to click on him and he will be working and earning money. When you have earned enough, you can hire more people. Gradually, you’ll be able to establish your own narcotics production and build up a whole chain of drug sales.

Your goal is to grow your cartel as much as possible. You have to take care of every aspect, keep on eye on everything that goes on in your narco empire and maximize the profits. If you do everything right, your business will be flourishing and you will be making more and more cash every day!