Are you a fan of various sandboxes? Then you definitely need to check out our great Terraria games! They will invite you to a huge pixel world open for exploration and crafting. You’ll be able to enjoy all the activities you like in this genre – traveling, descending into caves to fight monsters, building and creating all sorts of things. So, shall we begin?

Set out to explore a marvelous pixel world!

The sandbox mode makes itself felt even when creating a character. Here you can make them both randomly and manually. It is almost like drawing by pixels, there are a lot of options for clothes and hairstyles, you can also adjust the colors. At this stage, you are also given the opportunity to choose the difficulty. On the easy one you lose coins, on the middle one you lose all things, but the difficult mode is for real nerds-hardcore players, that is, you will not be reborn.

This is followed by the creation of the world and here you are also asked to choose the difficulty. There are two types of it: normal and expert (the expert has more difficult bosses and new ores have been added). Besides, in Terraria, you can choose the size of the world. Yes, the world is not infinite here. From the moment you appeared on the map, you are given the opportunity to travel anywhere, even go to kill bosses right away. You can both explore caves, mines, and roam all over the surface.

As you level up, you have the opportunity to destroy new bosses, there are a huge number of them here. You can build houses for NPS, which will help you survive (after all, they sell different utilities), and depending on the time of day, various mobs will spawn. You can grow plants to create potions, go fishing (you need bait for this) and do a lot of other things. Different types of weapons and armor don’t give you a chance to rest, because you run from one end of the world to another and collect ingredients. In other words, you will never be short of action!

Enjoy your adventures and play online with friends!

There is also multiplayer which is implemented quite all right. You don’t have to pay extra for the opportunity to play online, which cannot but be attributed to the advantages. Multiplayer here exists in two types: you can both connect to a friend using STEAM, and by IP (depending on the situation). You don’t need to invent your own incomprehensible ways, in order to play with a friend, you just need to send an invitation to STEAM or open a server using the TerrariaServer application.
Generally, Terraria games are full of amazing adventures, challenges and discoveries. You can start finding out everything you can learn about it right now, without waiting any further to go on a riveting trip around these pixel expanses. Who knows what is waiting for you just around that cubic corner? So take your pickaxe and send your square-headed hero ahead!