PUBG is a popular battle royale game where you will have to fight for your life on a deserted island surrounded by enemies on all sides. Your goal is to choose a landing spot, stock up on weapons and armor that you will find there and start killing your opponents. The one man who survives to the end will become the winner. Shall we begin?

Old battle royale gameplay with some new great features!

When you first start, the game will prompt you to create your character. The first creation is free, but in the future, if you want to change gender or hairstyle, you will have to pay for this in game currency. Then you will join one of the matches and find yourself in a helicopter, flying over the map. Here it’s important to choose the right area for landing. If you select the one where most players parachute, chances are high that you will get involved in the action from the very first minutes of the gameplay. If you want to give yourself some time to prowl around, it’s wiser to go with less populated locations.

The mechanics of the battles will be familiar to those who have already played a lot of other battle royale games. But that are some points that are intrinsically different and worth mentioning. For instance, to pick up loot, you don’t need to open your inventory, since the list of things on the ground is displayed on the right side of the screen – just click on the item you need. There is also a cool autoselection feature – say, you equipped the SKS sniper rifle, and when you find 7.62 cartridges, the hero will pick them up automatically. The same system applies to various equipment. The fighter will pick up armor, helmets of high levels and put them on. Pretty convenient, isn’t it?

Choose a perfect equipment set and eliminate your enemies!

Just like in many other battle royale games, in PUBG you should beware of the poisonous gas that closes in from the edges of the map and continuously narrows down the safe zone. And that’s where another feature of the interface comes in handy. During the game, you can see the distance to teammates, and the next level of narrowing the zone on the screen. Measurements are in meters, and they give the player an idea of the approximate time of arrival at such points and greatly simplify the gameplay.

A complete description of the items, and especially the ammunition, will tremendously help PUBG beginners – you don’t have to remember what kind of weapon certain ammunition is for. It also should be noted that you’ll get to enjoy a very user-friendly interface during the battle: convenient display of the equipment level (helmet, armor, backpack), the “fire” button on both sides of the screen, which allows you to aim, control the hero and fire at the same time, and sprinting at a slight move of the cursor above its main area. Discover more about this amazing game and start playing PUBG right now either on your PC or mobile device!