Some games really stand out from the crowd. And Undertale is one of them. We bet you have never met a similar story before. All events unfold in the gloomy underground that is inhabited by all sorts of monsters. And you are only a small kid who will have to confront them all. Does your hero have a chance to win in this dangerous lair? Let’s have a deeper look at this unusual adventure.

What is it all about?

This story is not new and started many years ago. At that time, there were two main races in the world – humans and monsters. They lived peacefully together until one argument that gave a start to a terrible war. People managed to win, and they locked their enemies deep under the ground. For centuries, monsters could not leave the place. But one day, their imprisoned life was disturbed. And this is when the game events actually start. Your hero is a child who was just walking around and, unfortunately, fell into the dungeon, from where there is no way back. You have guessed correctly – this is exactly the place where monsters live. Very soon, he will meet the first opponents – Flowey and Toriel. And there will be plenty of them as the hero moves on. This thrilling journey is full of adventures, battles and interesting dialogues. You will have to look for an exit from this scary place, but for this, you must cross its territory and meet dozens of antagonists. All of them are different and come with their own stories. You will not be able to avoid a meeting. So you need to decide how you want it to pass – peacefully or not.

How to deal with opponents?

The developers intentionally offer the players a choice to pass the game in different ways. There are three main approaches – neutral, peaceful and genocide. Some players mistakenly believe that that need to destroy all monsters as soon as possible to get to the exit. But in this case, you will transform your hero into a bloodthirsty monster himself! So think well before you use power and violence. Not all enemies are actually so dangerous as they may seem at first glance. Try to look at everyone you meet from a different perspective. It may be not easy to peacefully treat your new acquaintances but it is still possible. Try to talk to each creature you meet and you will learn their heartbreaking stories. Some of them will even help you move on faster and others will become your friends. But each player will have to decide on his own how he wants to get through this scary underground. If you do not know what variant is better for you, it is possible to experiment with them all. But the game will surely make you think about the difference between good and evil. You will get an unforgettable experience in this monster underground – start this thrilling adventure now!