Sometimes, after a busy day, you want to relax, get a boost of energy and a great mood. Is there any better way to do it then playing a video game? Especially, when it comes to VR titles. VR is entering our lives rapidly and this format becomes incredibly popular because it allows gamers not to play, but to lie inside of the game. At least, for a short while. Today VR is represented by various genres. One of the most popular titles of that kind is the game called Job Simulator for VR, where you can, for example, fulfill a long-held dream and become a mechanic, a cook or a waiter in a cafe. At the same time, these activities have nothing serious in them – they are funny, cute, interactive, and incredibly addictive. This ironic simulator allows you to have fun, thanks to an exciting and thoughtful gameplay, as well as enjoy a complete freedom of choice in the profession.

Here you have a possibility of mastering the secrets of professions – auto mechanic, office worker and cook-waiter. Each one will bring you to a special place, where you can operate all the objects that you can see. This must be the best part about Job Simulator – if you see something, then you can play with it. Take it, throw it, move it, break it, utilize in any way you want. As an office worker, you will have a chance to throw a stapler in your coworkers or spill the coffee on someone’s “head” (there are no people here, just robotic computers). As a cook you will have a chance to mix strange products in a crazy way, put the mixture to an oven and see a perfectly-done delicious and aromatic dish. Pretty surprising and silly, but very funny! As a mechanic, you are welcome to treat your customers in any way, including beating them or turning their cars into something unimaginable. There is no need to follow the script. You can break it. For example, no one forbids throwing hamburgers into people if you do not want to serve them or make a mess at the workshop, being an auto mechanic. Still, the development of logical thinking, thanks to the interesting tasks offered by the VR Job Simulator game, is a great feature and benefit that makes the game so special and never too foolish. It has a non-linear structure as well as full ability to manage items. Do you have a dream of learning to juggle tomatoes? Or have you wanted to eat a dinner from a trash can when your coworkers are watching you (they will joyfully join you)? You can do it easily and without consequences!