Friday Night Funkin’ is a browser entertainment made in the style of a rhythm entertainment, the plot of which resembles Dance dance revolution. It was published on the portal Newgrounds. For the service, it became a historical record it became the highest rated amusement in its 25-year history. The project has been passed more than 15 million times. Due to the fact that the project code is open to everyone, the activity is supported by the community, releasing various modifications.

The player receives the character Boyfriend under his control. The game is split into 8 levels training and 7 weeks; each week the protagonist will meet different personalities with whom there will be a verbal battle in the form of different tracks. Almost all the participants communicate using fictional language.

The game itself is rather short, but its replayability is enhanced by various fan mods, adding new screenshots, tracks or completely changing the meaning of the entertainment (for example, there is a mod that replaces the performance of tracks with a shootout between characters).

Concept and plot

The player takes on the role of a blue-haired guy nicknamed Boyfriend (often abbreviated as “BF”), who wants to date his Girlfriend (abbreviated “GF”), but her father, Daddy Dearest (formerly a rock star) does not approve their relationship. BF must convince her father to let him meet her, thanks to his musical talent.

After the main hero’s victory over his father, a lemon-headed monster named Monster asks Skid and Pump’s two children to bring him a special “snack” and meet with BF and his GF. The duo decides that it is GF who should be a special “snack” for Monster and starts a battle with her beloved in a rap battle. After the main character’s triumph over Skid and Pamp, Monster decides to get a girl himself and fights Boyfriend in a musical battle, but loses.

Daddy Direst, who still doesn’t want to see the main character next to his daughter, hires Pico’s killer to eliminate Boyfriend. But instead of killing him, Pico decides to fight him in a musical battle. Pico loses, and Daddy Direst’s wife, Mommy Mearest, decides to fight BF.

After her defeat, she reunites with her husband and captures the mall at Christmas, along the way taking hostage Santa Claus to fight again with BF. Suddenly, Monster appears at the battlefield to get a second round with the main hero.
In the end, Girlfriend invites her Boyfriend to play with her in her favorite date simulator, but Daddy Dearest turns the entertainment into a trap for them, as he once did with Senpay, who tries to grab their bodies to get out.

Interesting facts
– Boyfriend’s Vocal was provided by Kawai Sprite, the game’s composer;
– Girlfriend cries when you can’t take a note during a strong combo;
– Daddy Dearest was the first antagonist programmed and created for the amusement;
– BF loves Domino’s pepperoni pizza;
– Pico has incurable schizophrenia, so he never goes anywhere without a weapon.
– The tanker is the first character to speak clearly between songs in a voice.