Every day, computer games with an open world are becoming more and more popular. Freedom in all its manifestations attracts us from the cradle. And now we have a great way to follow this dream. The main feature between any open world online game is the specific structure that developers use to create it. The primary emphasis is on the complete absence of any linearity. Locations don’t have rigidly defined boundaries, but rather flow one into another. Players aren’t limited by specific tasks, and the range of options available varies depending on the circumstances.

Travel anywhere, do anything!

Such a game design is called non-linear. It provides gamers with almost unlimited freedom of action, which turns any such game into a mega-exciting adventure, unpredictable and original. The trajectories of the characters are optional and aren’t determined by design elements. For example, if a pile of stones appears on your path, you can always get around it in several different ways: walk around it right or left, jump over it or simply destroy it. Nothing like moving along a narrow stone corridor looking for the door! In games where a choice of actions is permissible, such questions simply don’t arise. There are always several options at your disposal and you’re free to choose any of them.

A great example of non-linear games are RPGs. They provide several alternatives of the storyline that can be implemented at any time. Your choices and actions will affect the ending of the story. Moral decisions of the hero also often have a sway over their repute: if you help those in need and restrain yourself from pointless killing, you’ll be considered a good man and NPCs won’t be afraid to interact with you. And on the contrary, if you run wild, don’t be surprised if you find the doors of the houses closed in front of your nose and some people even trying to kill you. Some games don’t even have that kind of conditions – they simply provide the player with opportunities, without any guidelines on how to use them.

Full freedom of action!

But the most striking instance of a game with an open world is, perhaps, Minecraft that has already become something of a cult. Your path is limited by nothing except your personal preferences and capabilities. If you need to eat, you can either collect fruits in the forest, or go hunting, or plant your own garden, or even craft some food. You are the one choosing where to go and what to do. You can move to any location you previously traveled at any minute, leaving and returning here as many times as you want.

The very concept of “level” in similar games with free world is completely absent. Their playing space is always accessible and open, regardless of your personal achievements. Our site contains the best non-linear open world games that you can play without any restrictions! We are sure you will appreciate them and spend a lot of pleasant hours traveling through endless virtual spaces and enjoying your freedom!