Some gamers prefer to play on the own, while the others share that competitive or team spirit and look for comrades to share a battle. If you are the second type, then you must be fond of multiplayer titles! Gladly, we have arranged a collection of the most popular games for numerous players and you can enjoy them all for free. The genres of multiplayer titles can differ from strategies and RPGs to struggles and even horror-games. Multiplayer titles of all genres and kinds are also great because they allow you to find people to play with at any time. You just enter the server and you can have 99% guarantee that numerous other gamers will already be there, looking for comrades or competitors in the games they choose. As such, even when your friends are not too inspired to play with you, you can always find co-players on the server. A couple of clicks and you are in.

At this section, you will find various multiplayer titles of all genres. The most popular ones surely are those that require you to struggle with other players. The massive titles of that kind are known as battle royale games – the ones, where you fight against a great number of rivals (up to 100) and your aim is to stay alive in this hellish competition. Also, you will find shooting games for a number of players here. The classical Counter Strike and other similar hits are waiting for you. Don’t forget about strategy titles, the ones where you have to build cities and keep them safe from invasions. And of course, invading the lands of the enemies in turn. Sometimes, this won’t be very easy – you will have to keep defense and struggle at the same time. While the group of soldiers will stay in the castle or fortress to keep your lands safe, the other one will be elsewhere, trying to expand your piece of map.

The shooting and fighting multiplayer games usually have two main gameplay options. You can fight in a team of your friends against another team or stand against the crowd of the opponents on your own. The first type usually includes elements of cooperation and collective work – you need to plan your actions as a group and divide duties to be even more efficient. When the characters have different skills and fighting styles, the strategy making process becomes even more interesting. While the second type is extremely thrilling, since you are the one to overcome everyone! It is a survival type of gameplay, where a single mistake or wrong move can cost you everything, including your life. So choose the type you like and get into the game now! Try them all for free and come back for more – we guarantee new titles and regular updates of this section. Our administrators track the most famous platforms, where new titles appear, download the full version that exclude any glitches, and upload them right here, personally for you. So the work is already done, you just need to launch the chosen game and enjoy!